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Monday, 10 December 2012

Patience, excuse me what is that?

I admit I have very little or no patience when it comes to a lot of things. I like to make snappy decisions on the spot or to go with the flow. In decision drives me up the proverbial wall.

It would be perfect if you could just buy up a little patience for the times you really need it.

This past week I could have spent a fortune. I seemed to have none banked up and really needed a swimming pool full of the stuff to thrash about in. Kinda like jelly wrestling but without the wrestle and jelly...ok so nothing like jelly wresting, I just like the thought of going a little crazy in something that looks like fun.

Sooooooooo you ask... why was this patience needed? Thanks for asking, I am happy to let you know.


Just a quick word before the mexican waves starts in unison, I love her. She loves my children and is a very very generous woman. BUT.... (did you think there wouldn't be one?)

BUT- I also love my own space. And having anyone in my space for a length of time saps my patience. TOTALLY sapped I tell you.

Its been hot and the heat doesn't agree with her.So venturing out has been a little tricky. I also expect my guests to be just that- a guest. I don't want my house to be cleaned and dinner on the table every night. I know I can probably hear you saying "are you nuts, enjoy the break"

Its the space thing. My house, my space.

I am grateful for the woman she is- dedicated Mother and Grandmother :)

I just want my space back.


  1. Bahahha you crack me up so much Ms Lander. I now cannot stop thinking about how fun it would be to do jelly wrestling. Does your mother in law read your blog????

  2. hehe Nicole, no no!. Fortunately she doesnt own a computer!


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