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Monday, 11 February 2013

Housework, The era of change...

I freely admit I would rather sit on hot coals that do housework. I love a sparkling clean house, but in reality it lasts less than 5 seconds once the children storm back in.
WHY do they always manage to spill something on a clean floor?  DOES it become a magnet for food and drinks? I swear nothing ever gets dropped on a floor that hasn't been mopped BUT as soon as I mop it-BAM there goes a drink out of a little hand, and yes I cry over spilt milk!!

Beds- not made they don’t get a look in. Made get jumped on or covers pulled off to make a cubby. HELLO why can’t cubbies be made when the covers are half off already?

Sorting laundry- a basket can sit unfolded and un touched for days. AS soon as I sort and fold it they are there rummaging through to find that blue tee shirt they swear was there last week.

Carpets- freshly vacuumed will always attract the left over sand in their sneakers that they have picked up whilst playing at school.

My least favourite chore is ironing. When will someone invent cotton that does not crease? My husband has to wear shirts to work, and this admittedly is the bulk of the ironing. I know people that iron under wear….one word-DEDICATION! Why would you iron a garment that will never see the light of day?

Anyhoo because I hate ironing I normally leave it until late at night, and quickly iron one ready for the morning. Yes I know I should just iron all 340 of them at once but hey a girls got priorities right?
I leave the shirt in the laundry ready for hubby.

 OMG I realised after hubby left this morning I hadn’t ironed a shirt. No biggie, he knows how to iron and does so often. Being my least favourite chore and all.

This morning was no different. I hadn’t ironed one last night. He left and I thought nothing of it. EXCEPT for the fact there was a shirt missing. After doing the washing over the weekend there was one shirt that I had hung to dry inside.
THAT shirt was gonski!
Not ironed!
Not one bit of Teflon had graced the collars and cuffs… OOPs!

I wondered if he noticed and could this mark a new era of the non-ironed but looks like it has been ironed look......


  1. lol be interesting to see if he noticed (or anyone else did) once he gets home from work! I have no need to iron (except when sewing), but Mum has been known to only iron Dad's collars during winter/jumper wearing season LOL

    1. haha, I love the weather ironing mode..that is def my style. In fact in the 80's do you remember the fake collars you could get to go under jumpers? Thats all you had- a fake collar....easy ironing right there thank you very much!

  2. He didnt notice and I suspect he may also read this so my secret is no longer secret!!

  3. I hear you on the sparkling clean house - but no energy or inclination to do it myself.

    I did have a cleaner at one stage but the ended badly :(



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