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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Parental supervision tip #562

I admit I let my children play outside....hard to believe isn't it! They could instead be inside becoming a statistic in the world of tv and video games! Sometimes I only remember to check on them when it is too quiet...  But a simple lack of parental supervision has resulted in breakage. Nothing that can't be fixed hopefully,but the ramifications could have been worse. Henry is an honest soul, and can't go past telling me if he has done something wrong......

"Mum,sorry I have just broken the cubby house roof" I asked him how,and why was he climbing on the roof in the first place....

"Well, its a sunny day,but Ollie thought it was raining so I had to climb onto the roof to see if it was raining, and then the roof just pushed itself down. I think I was too heavy!"

ok so admission also leads to blame...this is common and normally leads into amazing details of how why and when!

I have told him he will need to let Daddy know its broken, he has frankly told me he wont,but will tell Daddy that if he can find really long nails in the shed, he can fix it!

The joys of boys...... and in reality its probably my fault for not being a helicopter parent this morning!

poor little verandah. I hope for Henry's sake hubby does have really long nails in the shed!


  1. what a sweet little story. I just LOVE that you let your children play outside! I'm a pub kid, we always liked upstairs at the pub, not yard, but lots of smog and heavy traffic! I adore stories of outdoor play, we only experienced that briefly, during play dates or visits to Nanna and Pa's farm. Look forward to reading more stories of your lively boys! Louisa

  2. Thank you Louisa :) we love it, they love it! when we were looking for a new house, the main criteria was a back yard for them to happily play in.

  3. How gorgeous is your cubby house :) Well... WAS haha See what happens when you unsubscribe to the wiggles!
    Beautiful post Ms A! Our kids are definitely "outsiders" as well - accidents can always be relied upon in the days right before school photos lol


  4. Lisa my youngest especially is very accident prone! He fell off a chair yesterday and whacked his elbow...!


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