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Monday, 25 March 2013

Germ you take them on?

I am not pedantic when it comes to germs. I don’t disinfect my house using bottles of bleach. I am a firm believer that we need some germs. It is documented that no germs is actually worse for our immune system. This theory works especially well when I think of pulling out the vacuum and then don’t .

BUT I am a believer of covering your mouth when coughing, or washing your hands after blowing your nose to at least try to prevent the common cold from attacking our noses. A cold has to be the most single annoying ailment ever! A little bottle of hand sanitiser can be a god send, especially when you are treated to a public toilet whilst out and about.

I encountered an interesting situation the other day whilst out grocery shopping.

I dislike grocery shopping at the best of times.  I am not a chatter at the check out. The faster you can pack my things the better it will be….  I want out of there even before I arrive.

This particular day it was quite busy- more often than not supermarkets choose to have LESS staff on. And don’t get me started with self check outs. They are fabulous for a few items, but if I ever have weighed produce then no, they are often not fabulous and end up beeping at you to find an attendant because your product doesn’t exist or the product has jumped in to the bag itself and upset the apple cart-so to speak.
So I had too many items for self check out and really just wanted to find the quickest one to move on through and bust out of there pronto.

I find a checkout, go to unload and look up…. The girl is frantically blowing her nose into a tissue…Ughhhh cold germs… I was going to be pedantic because I could not afford to get a cold or pass one on as my youngest was having surgery the next day.

She is looking at me and waiting. I was not about to start unloading until she had washed her hands.

It was a stand-off at the check out. Eyes bearing down, both waiting.

I finally break the silence and ask if she has anything to wash her hands with. Ummm you just blew your nose and now want to touch my food? Nah huh, not on your life….

Oh it computes, and she remembers she has instant hand sanitiser at her beck and call.

Germs are one thing, but I was more shocked I had to ask for such a simple display of hygiene!

Would you have done the same? Or was I just being picky?


  1. YUCK...down here in the bronx tho that would be the least of our concerns haha

  2. Haha, worse than a snotty tissue? You need to educate me ;)


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