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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Crazy neighbour house #3.....

We always seem to be stuck with weird arse neighbours. None of the here's a cake -welcome to the neighbourhood type neighbours. I want cake dammit. I don't want weird arse any more. Actually we did have one set of great neighbours in house #2. I want to have them cloned.

The latest neighbour seems to think they own our driveway, well at least the portion of it that sits next to their little strip of council grass in front of their house. WEIRD? Yes!  You're probably wondering how I know they want to dictate our driveway- they move our bin. Uh huh, it sits on the left side of the drive waiting patiently for collection and every bin morning it has been moved to the right side of the drive way.

Now one things for sure, when its on the left it actually hurts no one. Its not  near their drive way or any in way obstructs their day to day living (or constant worry about my bin placement obviously) SO why do they move it?

I have emailed Council, to arm myself with relevant facts should they move on from moving my bin to nasty irate knocks at the front door. We have had that in the past from crazy neighbour at house #2 and its not fun.

So I wait, it could be a long one. Council can take 10 days to answer an email. There is another bin night in between now and then. Next week the bin will sit on our drive on the left. Next week I will awake to it on the right I am sure. It is petty I know,but until they grow some and explain why our bin on our driveway upsets their feng shui, its stays on the left. Two can play at this game,right?!

Follow up to follow....happy trails....


  1. Weird.

    But I am trying to get a visual .. are we talking medium density here? Because I am in the BURBS, and I have my own nature strip and they have theirs. If they put their bins on my strip, I would think it weird, but wouldn't get antsy ( hey, as long as they put the bins out the NIGHT before, and CLEAR it the next day anyway )

    Ahh .. neighbours :)

  2. yeah they have their own and their own drive which is way away from ours,so they have to walk-lets say 15 metres just to move it ;)

  3. definitely weird..

    Have things improved?

  4. Yes improved :) council were very helpful and I think let them know our bin position was AOK ;)


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