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Friday, 25 May 2012

When a name is not a name....

Ok,so my 4 year old has been invited to a birthday party. Yay how nice that he has been included in some Kindy friendships. I retrieved the invite from his pocket yesterday, at first glance everything appears normal. Apart from the scary looking clown...I stash it in my bag for later.

Whilst rummaging for something unrelated later (why DO we keep so much stuff in our bags? I swear I am set for an ice age style bunkering down with all my goodies) I find the invite. I skim over,yes we are free. Time and place, great just down the road. Phone number-check.

I then re read. HANG on a second. WHAT is the child's name? I see a name,but for the life of me have no idea what is says. It is not something that I have come across before and the handwriting is doing nothing to help.  The other major problem is no parents name, just a number. So what do I do? Ring and politely say thanks for the invite, we will see you there. Should I trump them, and not offer my name or who I am rsvp'ing for? Then we can all be in the dark together. I think  I am going to have to feign phone problems and "CScshhhhhhh" when I try and guess who we are replying to.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Go forth and conquer or lag behind for reasons unknown...

I used to listen intently to my nanny telling me about how she used a "Copper" to wash her clothes. When I was little, this was interesting. As I got older and started washing of my own I realised how lucky we were. Sure the stories were great, but oh my goodness if I ever had to actually use one! Which brings me to my point. I was browsing an online appliance site, as you do when you don't actually need anything new, and came across a Twin Tub.

huh? Companies still make these? And then people buy them? What in the name of god for???

We have machines that do it allllllllll, heck there are even washer/dryer combo's meaning you don't need walk back into the Laundry until its finished/folded/put away! Ok I dream about the latter, but honestly why would you buy a machine that takes you back to the old Copper ways? Fill machine-wash-man handle-fill-rinse-man handle-spin-man handle (in batches)

I have one memory of a twin tub. My mother got given one on loan when her machine broke down. I do not remember a joyous woman softly singing away whilst waiting for the first cycle to finish... nuh uh. I remember water spilling, cursing, wringing of clothes, clothes going missing and alot of time spent in the laundry! The laundry was next to the cellar, now I understand why....

So I ask you, why are companies still making them for us to buy? Hello technology, we have MOVED on!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Kooky encounters of the nail polish kind....

So a pretty normal exercise has turned into a what the? moment. Nail polish, a fairly harmless beauty product right? Wrong! Mine is stuck, well half stuck. I'm going for that" it went on a few weeks ago and I've forgotten to take it off" look. Not forgotten, just didn't get around to doing it.

Today was the day, I even had cotton balls at the ready, and what I thought was a reliable brand of remover.

Not to be, no amount of cotton ball soakage would budge the polish! I contemplated for a second popping a new coat over the top, but we all know what result that gives you.

 I was left with patches and  tatty ones at that. I like to think I am down with a skinny latte or a no fat yoghurt, But I will never buy low fat remover again! (non acetone) It just doesn't cut the mustard when you're Keen to get it off ;)

On the cusp.......

On the cusp.....of, Greatness? Boredom? Reality? A star sign?

IF only! No siree,I am in fact on the cusp of 40.... 364 days until D day is here. Milestone birthday's are always a big thing right? Id be happy if only the last decade hadn't seemed to escaped my memory. I am not at the stage of where did I leave my car, or god forbid my children, but ten years have almost passed and I am not sure I remember where I put them.

I'll tell you what is loud and clear,  the grey hair yelling at me every 6 weeks. I have been told to embrace it. Hello? what is there to embrace? Its not cute and endearing. It is a blatant reminder of which side of life I am on. I wonder though, when do you stop? How long can you get away with dying your hair? Being 70 and grey less isn't a good look either... It is middle ground, or should I say, MID LIFE!

Crisis? Mid life.Not yet. I am going to embrace the next year, and hit the ground running when the big 40 clock ticks over.