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Monday, 18 February 2013

MOOV on out! When Lice are not nice.....

Who else gets instantly itchy when someone mentions Head Lice? I know I do. It is a natural reaction. It is also a natural reaction to seemingly think the infected person is in some way at fault. The problem of the great unwashed. Myth Numero Uno!

It is time to down that stigma. Let us all be open and frank about Lice shall we?

Hands up to all of those who have had at least one child (or more) come home with Lice. Schools and child care centres are the most obvious starting point, and in this case sharing is NOT caring.

I too thought I had avoided it. Not to be. So I have moved into those stats and armed myself with information. I was so confused the first time I walked into a Chemist looking for the right product.

It is almost a childhood right of passage. You get the mandatory letter home. The little critters are forming an army ready to take on your school and are more than ready to use your child as a host if need be.

Do you use a precautionary tactic? Do you wash and sterilise everything in sight? Do you go the extremes and wrap your house in plastic and chemically fight them?

Talking about it and knowing what is on the market is the best prevention. Don't be ashamed if your child suddenly does the itchy dance. Did you know there are 4.5 MILLION cases detected every year in Australia! CRAZY! And what is more crazy is if somehow you have avoided being in this statistic.

Head lice are more prevalent than many Australian parents are lead to believe. It is no surprise then, that the start of a new school year makes mums and dads anxious of the dreaded ‘itch’. The MOOV Head Lice Survey conducted in partnership with Galaxy Research, surveyed over 1,000 mums (with children aged between 4-12 years old) revealing that over half (57%) of mothers admit that they aren’t comfortable talking about their child’s head lice to their school or other mums and dads. This figure, when coupled with the number of cases in Australia, shows that we need to do something to reduce the stigma, dispel the myths and get parents talking about head lice.
MOOV can also reveal that 72% of mums struggled to break the head lice cycle with their children and felt their school had a chronic or continual issue with head lice infestation. The larger issue is that nearly half (48%) of parents also admit that they don’t always tell their school when their child has head lice further perpetuating both lice and the associated stigma. This means it’s very possible schools are under-estimating the problem and the lack of communication from parents may potentially compound the issue.
The MOOV Head Lice Survey, the first of its type in Australia, focuses on the psychological effects of diagnosis on children and parents, rather than just solely on prevention and treatment. Armed with this new evidence into the habits and behaviours of Australian families, MOOV gives parents effective tools to fight head lice in schools. During the first school term of 2013 MOOV will be running an education program for over 150,000 primary schools students called ‘Defend Your Class’. The program, developed in conjunction with teachers, will help reduce the stigma of head lice amongst both kids and parents, removing the ‘embarrassment factor’ by encouraging open communication and better lice management practices.
MOOV ambassador Nicole Livingstone, former Olympic swimmer and busy mum of three (to Ella, Joshua and Robinson), understands the meaning of perseverance as sometimes dealing with head lice can feel like it requires the same commitment as that of an Olympian in training!
“Having children with head lice can be a real challenge. Not only do you have to inspect the whole family to check for lice and eggs but you also have to deal with the tears and distress that so many children experience when they find they’re hosting a head lice party!”

Thanks Nicole for your insight and personal experience.

So with those stats in mind, it's nuts to not get talking about how these pesky critters can be prevented or avoided.

First and foremost, chat about it. Being in the year 2013 and all means that these issues can be broached. No one is going to burn you at the stake for having an opinion.

Secondly get yourself a product that works.

If you are still with me and lets face it why wouldn't you be as you're probably itching and want to find out all there is to know. So lets get chatting.

MOOV  MOOV in schools is a new defence program aimed at cutting out the stigma attached to Lice invasions of the third kind. It wants to know how you eradicate in your house.

AND the best bit besides having a little 'ol chin wag about it, I have ONE complete pack to give away.

MOOV had kindly joined forces and offered a pack to my readers.

YES!! I tell you no lies. RRP of almost $100. ONE complete pack to keep your house totally nit wit free!!

•             Moov Head Lice Shampoo: $ 19.95
•             Moov Head Lice Combing Conditioner: $ 16.95
•             Moov Head Lice Defence Spray: $ 12.95
•             Moov Head Lice Solution: $ 22.95
•             Moov Head Lice Sensitive: $ 22.95

So now I throw it over to you. To WIN this awesome prize pack and help your house stay nit free this year all you need to do is tell us how you cope when your child brings home Lice. What is your way to combat or prevent?

We want to hear real stories from real parents. Tell us how you MOOV the LICE!

This will run until Sunday the 24th of Feb 2013.

This is in no way affiliated with Facebook.

One lucky reader will be picked from the comments. You must comment to be in the running.
The prize pack will be posted directly from MOOV HQ.

So what are you waiting for? Comment away and lets get chatting about lice.

*Disclaimer- I am now sooooooooooo itchy!!!!


  1. touch wood so far we have escaped!in 3 years at school though she did get at pre kindy once...nightmare with curly hair ;) Would love to win this 'just in case' haha

  2. Oh we have so been there and done that with the head lice problem. One of my kids had an outbreak in the class that lasted almost 2 terms, just when you thought you'd got them all, a couple of weeks later .. scratching again! I honestly believe I tried every product the supermarket and chemist could provide me with, lol. Moov is actually my favourite. I love the Solution, the fact that it's just so quick and easy, apply it to the hair, put on that funky shower cap and then wash it out. I found that a lot better than some of the other products where you have to apply the product and them comb it all out. In between the treatments I lather the hair with conditioner and use the comb to remove eggs.

  3. We've had them every year in school so far - but only the once each time! And I use MOOV to treat ... my bathroom cabinet is already full of MOOV products, but I won't turn the prize down if I win, lol!!!

  4. I have taught for many years and saw too many nits who would love to jump in any one's hair given the the chance. There were 'Nit Brigades'(usually the school nurse or mums) who would check children's hair at schools but this isn't done any more (which is a shame). In my house we try hard as we can to prevent the little critters invasion - plait my daughter's hair, my son puts gel/moose into his hair which we also cut quite short, have a spray bottle with some wormwood in it (which nits don't like), we have even put tea tree in their shampoo at times. I also try to check my children's hair often, especially if we are sent home 'the nit note' from school.

  5. been there done that type of person, I never stress about it anmore. When i was a little girl i sat next to someone all through the years who had nits,s o was alwyas getting reinfested- we tried everything under the sunl In the end the only thing that worked was kerosen- eek for my poor head. Now i use hte great conditioner methods and love the natural products, especially the nit preventing detanglers :)

  6. My little girl has just started kindy and I'm really not looking forward to our first visit from Nits. There seem to be so many different products and so many differing methods to get rid of them. I think I'd better stock up on the MOOV!

  7. With 4 kids and 3 being girls with long hair I'm surprised we are yet to have them here! My tip is to get cheap conditioner and leave it on for a long time before washing it out and using a fine tooth comb. Now I'm itching!!!

  8. I try to prevent as much as possible, hair always up and plaited when going to school so far so good, We have had many notes home that they have been detected in class, we use the prevent spray everyday before school and comb atleast once a week to check :) with 2 girls at school its the only way!

  9. I really don't want to write this here in case I get jinxed ( I'm a bit superstitious, lol ) .. but *touch wood* .. we've never had nits. I honestly think we have a yukky ph level or something, as I never got them as a kid either. We are also the great unwashed - ha ha.

    Anyway, my boys are "product" obsessed, so maybe it's all the putty and hairspray residue on their head.

    I swear though, if we get nits after this comment, i'm holding you personally accountable :/

  10. We have wednesday wash night, head check, lavendar wash, comb through etc to find the sneaky lice. On this night we clean and cut finger and toe nails and a beautiful bath bomb bath for the kids. We use a preventative spray and my daughter wears her hair up. Whenever they get them though patience and maybe a little bribe here and there for the kids patience at the pain staking task of removal.

  11. TIFFANY ROBERTSON.....My girls are a never ending story with it...constantly treating and combing there hair every week...i have no idea why they are so famous to nits but they are lol iv tried every treatment and they still come back after 1-3 weeks of being at school or sick of buying all the stuff-but it has to be done!! Id absolutley love love love to win this pack, not a drop would go to waste here lol

  12. I just used this on both my kids. I am a bit worried since I can see in my youngest boys hair, some tiny tiny black things, too small for the comb to catch, I hope they are dead! Los Angeles Lice Removal


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