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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Taking the Class out of Business Class....

Manners- and why we should all teach our children.

Do you teach your children manners? Please and thank you can go a long way, as can being courteous.
I am pleased my children know when to use manners. They are not perfect and sometimes need reminding, but generally they are pretty good. My four year old is especially mindful and answers “You’re welcome” to my thank you. It is very cute and I hope it continues.

I recently flew back from Adelaide and was thrilled when my upgrade to Business class had been approved. I had had an emotional weekend away and the thought of being pampered just a little was welcoming.
Warning though, don’t do it- I swear you’ll never want cattle class again!

Wait-Scrap that, take it every chance you can get, it was fun as far as flying goes which can be as exciting as grocery shopping before a long weekend.  Cramped irate people don’t bode well at the best of times.

Any hoo, so I am quietly enjoying the little bit of luxury ahead of me. Drinks, food, movies. Yes I know you get that anywhere, but let me tell you there is something about mixing a gold class movie experience with fine dining that is a little bit nice.

I had opted for the window seat, which is something I never do when travelling alone. I normally prefer the aisle seat so you don’t have to clamber over people to use the loo. I thought it might be nice for once to have the window plus its only one person you have to ask to move should the need arise.

Of course the need arose; a woman is not a camel! Three children will tell me that. Add to that bubbles and sav blancs being thrown around like lollies at a children’s party. I was ready to bust a move or bust something trying!

The timing couldn’t be worse, it was post food and Mr Nonchalant next to me had closed his eyes… Urghhh  I have to ask him politely to move but also to wake him up? It couldn’t wait, the hostess had been so accommodating I was in no position to just wait it out.

“Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom”

Now any normal person would just stand up out of their seat and let you pass right?
WRONG- Instead he flung, uh huh flung his legs over his arm rest and expected me to pass through without him moving… serious?
So I clamber, using the seats in front to steady myself because frankly falling into Mr No Manners seat on the way through was NOT an option!

On the return, he again has his eyes closed. Do I really want to go through that again? Ask him to move when in fact he quite clearly wont? Dammit this was MY pamper moment and this rude individual was going to spoil it for me…

No, instead I change tact. There is one spare seat, an aisle seat. A glorious aisle seat just waiting me.

I sit. The person I have sat next to is asleep. I pretend that it’s an ordinary thing to swap seats when they wake startled to find me there. I mention in a voice loud enough for Mr No Manners to hear,ive been ousted from my own seat and point back to Mr No Manners,who is still pretending to be asleep.  
The two gentleman across the aisle also hear me and had witnessed my less than elegant manoeuvre as I went past clinging to their seats. They too mention loudly that it was rude of Mr No Manners to not get up.
I felt like cheering them.
The hostess with the mostess (wine) came toward me. Was everything ok?
Yes, Mr No Manners just wouldn’t move, and this was free so well, I took it.

No problem she says, and promptly wakes Mr No Manners and instructs him to grab my belongings pronto! Another cheer wouldn’t go astray here by the way.
And she compensates me with a drink- win win. The rest of my flight being well and truly peaceful.
And to Mr No Manners, shame on you.
So tell me, what rude non mannered people have you encountered recently?


  1. ha ha - I AM a camel .. so people needing to use the loo DO irritate me .. but seeing you only did it the once, i'm not sure what the problem was? ( it's those up & down again, get a book out of my bag in the overhead locker, sit down, need the loo, come back, get my moisturiser out of my bag, sit down, then use the loo AGAIN to freshen up before descent type people that annoy me ;)

    Nice work on the upgrade! xx

    1. Ha! They annoy me too. One stop is all I need. 3.5 hr flight plus qantas club time before hand. I may be no camel but did well :-)


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