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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Disastrous number 2's.......

We are in renovation chaos....again. 3 years ago we had a fully renovated house that was perfect. 3 toilets to boot! How spoilt we were, 3 toilets, and at the time only 3 people needing those toilets.And then a surprise package came along which meant we moved out of our perfect house and into something bigger....equalling renovation chaos.

 Now we have one. And 5 people needing it. The bathroom that will service the children is in ruins, pulled out and in bits. Why you ask? Good question, we had every intention of putting the bathroom back together quickly. After all who in their right mind would pull something apart and not fix it?

Well........... other pressing projects surfaced...namely drainage issues that could put any plumber into a Merc faster than saying Xlotto. Dutifully over summer my husband dug, paved, spent copious amounts at Bunnings, all to make sure the water that fell from the heavens would be directed away from the house and disappear into the drains that head out to the blue we call the ocean! I admit he did a great job, perfect in fact. But the fact remains, we are still one toot down and now that Buddha  is trained, we have 5 people sharing that one toot.

Cue Buddha....he has done so well, training has been great...finally no more bottoms to wipe, Hooray!
But with this independence surfaces a naughty little boy who deems it necessary to stall in the bathroom and independently stuff as much toilet paper down the toilet as humanely not talking dainty sheets floating in one by one. Picture a solid mass ie a whole toilet roll full of paper wedged into the S bend!

oh god panic.....we only have one toilet, how long before one of us needs to go?......namely me as I cant water the lemon tree as innocently as the boys can....

I suggest tongs to Hubby.... he is worried about having to throw them out, I'm more worried about having to water the lemon tree  ..but nothing else is budging the mass that has been methodically pushed into the darkness of that bend. Tongs it is.....and fortunately they take hold and pull that mass out, freeing up the water that was threatening to spill over the bowl.

Crisis averted and the discussion of when the bathroom will be completed is had!


  1. goodness Amy, I would be lying if I said I wasn't laughing, but I did so in knowing all was well en the end. Absolute horror, at having toilet issues! Hope Mr 3 has learnt his lesson now. Thanks for the giggle x

  2. Louisa, its a good thing we can laugh about it, or their antics would probably send us crazy! I have another funny toilet story which I'll share at some had an interesting end to it :) Im glad you got a giggle from it x


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