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Friday, 16 November 2012

The four year old prattle..

My four year old is soon to be turning 5. He has suddenly gone from a sweet natured toddler to an opinionated young boy. I know it happens, my eldest did the same. Ironically his fav song at the moment is sweet sour by band of skulls- its fitting

Cue the "oh mum,seriously" comments!

All I want is a T Rex that looks like a T Rex!

Apparently my drawing wasn't up to scratch? Cue this boyo, I'm no Picasso..
For the record I think my drawing is Archibald a go go!
And the constant "ollie I've told you to listen, why don't you listen?"

My favourite at the moment though is when we are about to head out and I get the cool calm and collected- lets rock and roll!

Kids and the things they say. I have to laugh or else my head would explode.


  1. haha love the "let's rock and roll"!

    That drawing is certainly archibald ready! Gosh, if he's not happy with that, I'll have it lol

  2. why thank you Jo,someone who appreciates fine free hand skills!

  3. that is a totes cool dinosaur fer sure!

    I love it when the kids diss us :)

  4. ( P.S. - dump the CATCHPA word thingy .. moderate comments instead .. :)

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  6. Ah the joys of parenthood...!! Good that you still have your sense of humour. An absolute must, by the sounds of it...! ;)


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