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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bad Wifey ....

My Hubby's birthday was in Oct. I wasn't here (in Perth) to organise a present from us. I thought I would worry about one when we got here a few days later. Worry is right....

First things first- I LOVE Internet shopping, seriously the best thing since sliced bread.Ok so the credit card being compromised once wasn't fun,but generally speaking landing a package on your door step(especially if you have forgotten ordering it) is great :)

Search-find-click- pay-delivered! Its that simple.... Except if you find a site that looks great but turns out to be dodgy. In this instance,Yup I found the dodgiest of the dodgiest. I REALLY wanted to buy Hubby a swank new esky to match his swank BBQ. Be the cool kid on the block-so to speak. I was thrilled when I found one online that could be delivered.

Search-find-click-pay-delivered. right?

WRONG- so wrong. What looked right, was so wrong. I waited and waited AND waited for this item to be delivered. I sent email after email AFTER email enquiring as to where it was. And true to form from a dodgy site, they ignored them.

Not withstanding the present buying was disastrous- I had also seemingly kissed $190 goodbye.


Morally this wasn't going to go down with out a fight. So I took out the big guns after they finally responded with "We have your product now in stock-would you like it delivered or a refund?"

Oh Gee, let me think about that for a whole 3 secs..... I WANT MY MONEY BOZO!

So plan of action was started- Police report-check! Consumer affairs- check! Both of which I emailed off  to them with a very stern "You are nothing but thieves,refund or trouble"

There was again a wait.Seriously who waits after being reported to the Police?  By this stage I had confessed to Hubby that I had no present and no money back.

End result after a few more emails was a refund. Happy days (phew)

Moral of the story, when searching for online stores, search for reviews first!!! I read reviews after the trouble started and found I wasn't the only one who wanted to poke them in the eye with a chopstick!

And to date, I still haven't got him a present..... oops.

click here for reviews :) It might just save you a headache! Reviews

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