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Monday, 5 November 2012

Twice cooked Chicken....

I did twice cooked chicken over the weekend, and it was again super easy. I totally forgot to take a pic, we must have been busting to eat!

SO....... go to the Drunken chicken all of that and then slice up the breasts...Make a little salt n ginger topping in your trusty mortar and pestle and set aside. I did chilli only because I didnt have fresh ginger!

Dust the slices in some rice flour. If you have not discovered rice flour yet-DO IT! Best non floury flour out there. Not gluggy, not heavy and definitely NOT floury tasting.... so once you have marvelled, dust away.

Then grab yourself some grape seed oil...uh huh, gets hot but doesnt soak things. A little goes along way.

Get your wok hot and shallow cook the dusted pieces of chicken (hence making them twice cooked!) it only takes a moment.

Serve up with the salty topping made earlier-and some veg and you have a new dish made out of a previous one! Yay for doubling up in every sense!

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