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Monday, 12 November 2012

Chicken dumplings....

Oh my! Dumplings of goodness yes indeed. So I had a hankering for dumplings after watching a cooking show on Foxtel. You know how cooking shows always make things look so easy? Well bingo, these were!

I Couldn't believe how simple, yet tasty these little morsels were.

So what's included you ask?

Wanton skins. Easily found at Asian grocers
Chicken or pork mince- 300g
Splash of light soy
Splash of fish sauce
Two French shallots or spring onions cut finely
Sprinkle of white pepper
Pinch of salt
Splash of rice wine
Handful of coriander chopped
Handful of mint chopped
1/2 egg white
Egg yolk to bind skins

So basically add all of the above to a bowl- apart from egg yolk- keep that aside to stick the skins when wrapping.

Once combined well- take a skin and place it on your palm. Add a small amount of the mix. Dab egg yolk around the edges and fold towards the middle making sure edges are stuck and the mix contained!

I used square skins. If you find round ones they can be simply folded over and crimped.

Grab your steamer. Lightly grease it so the wontons dont stick. Pop over boiling water and wait. In 8-10 mins these babies are good to go! Serve with soy or chilli dipping sauce.

You're guaranteed to flip over these. Look like a pro and serve them to your friends :-)

If you're after a naughty aspect they can also be shallow fried!


  1. Yum they look delicious and so easy! Will have to try these ones :)

  2. let me know how you go after making them... omit what dont like, add what you do like ( i know coriander isnt a fav for every one )


  3. Go easy on the Asian recipes ok ?! I swear I was swapped at birth ... ( if not for the obvo-anglo-looks ;)

    DrooOoOollll.. oh yeah! xx

  4. Leanne, no can do, I was born to eat this food! These were really easy,my boys liked them too, and no dill in sight ;)


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