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Friday, 2 November 2012

Seafood...yes we did...

I love seafood. Any seafood. Bar snapper, Snapper I will not eat after a very bad experience.

Anyhoo, smoked salmon and prawns,what a delightful combination.

Now just to calm peoples cholesterol levels, this is not the unhealthy cream beast is portrays to be!
Plus you can omit or add and not detract from the over all flavour combo. 

serves 2

1 packet of smoked salmon (you can buy salmon especially for cooking now,someone heard my prayers)
1 cup of prawns( I don't always add,but had them handy)
1 large leek
1 bunch of brocolini
1 cup of peas (if anyone hasn't guessed yet,green veg are my favourite)
250 grams of Penne pasta ( I think a think spaghetti would be prettier on the plate but hubby prefers penne)
Salt n Pepper to taste. I combine ground white pepper and cracked black pepper
1/2 cup vege stock
4 dollops Sour light cream
1 fresh lime-juice and rind grated finely.
Fresh Mint
Fresh Dill (omit if your name is Leanne)

Boil and cook your pasta according to the packet or until you can chuck it at your splash back and make it stick.

Fry off the Leek in a little Olive oil, add your veggies,seasoning and cook until your desired crunch is left.
Add Salmon
Dollop your sour cream and stir just before serving. Once your pasta is drained,keeping aside a little of the water,add the pasta and the splash of water to the mix and fold through.
Stir through mint and dill 
Parmesan to taste.

NOW, if the Light sour cream is not your thing-mix it up a little. Use the Philly cream for cooking. OR omit dairy all together for the lactose challenged among us and splash a little Olive oil through the mix before serving! If you can find a lemon infused oil,you'll be in heaven :)

Go your hardest, this has little prep and even less cooking time involved...definitely one for the nights everyone has sports practice!


  1. lol .. hey, i'm no dill ;)

    ( I do think it makes a pretty garnish though ;)

  2. Hehe,I know you don't like the flavour,so omit!


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