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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fish.. chilli... cakes and chocolate for afters.....

I have a definite love hate relationship with cooking. On one hand I love it and love trying new recipes. On the other hand I hate it,especially when I am not inspired or time is not on my side.

Fortunately the love wins out more often than not. In this instance we were keen to try a few new recipes. 

We have made fishcakes in the past, but these were definitely a winning combo.

First and foremost I am hopeless when it comes to following a recipe. Hubby is far better at it than me. So when it comes to making pastes etc he is my go to man! We used his red curry paste in the fish cakes. Of course if you are time poor or just cant bothered, by all means buy a paste already done!

These recipes how ever are easy peasy, although bad habits die hard and I found myself adapting both the panna cotta and the fish to my liking.

EG I added Belgium chocolate to the panna cotta for some va va voom. Worked a treat.

I used Kecap Manis in the fish instead of Teriyaki sauce as I prefer it. But hey what ever floats your boat I say. 

We used Flathead for the fish cakes and Coral trout for the Chilli Fish

So whilst these were found trawling the web, they are now tried and tested by Moi and given the thumbs up!

Enjoy,and let me know once you've made them.

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