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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Black Olive Dip- Thermo style

Yes- there I said it. Thermo. As in mix.

 Thermomix Australia

Thermomix recipes

I bit the bullet and bought one! Well my husband bought one but I get to use it.

We had researched a lot. So much so I'd given up on getting one- let's just say that hubby is thorough ;-) A decision is never rushed!

Soooo anyway I have been experimenting and the perfect excuse to try and make this dip presented itself. My master 5 is mad for black olives! He won't eat a cooked carrot but will happily shovel these into his mouth.

He had a show and tell task, make your favourite recipe and talk about it :-)

His first request was actually pancakes (yawn) but on discovering I was out of eggs and not wanting to do a mad dash to the shops I asked him if he wanted me to try and replicate his favourite dip!

WIN! Yes!

Tick tick tick I had everything I thought needed to rock this challenge. And the perfect appliance to make it in.

Black olives. Use as many or as little according to taste
1 clove of garlic
Cream cheese
Fetta cheese
Lemon olive oil
Natural yoghurt

Blitz olives and garlic add the cheeses and yoghurt and then slowly drizzle in some oil.

Seriously easy and according to master 5 totally spot on! Of course it had to be tasted on a cracker for the review to be completed!

One show and tell challenge-completed!

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