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Friday, 19 April 2013

Mother's Day.....

Mother’s Day and what it means to me….

My birthday falls on Mother’s Day every 7 years. I remember when I was younger being a little put out by this. I love my Mum, but sometimes I just wanted a birthday that wasn’t wrapped around a Mother’s Day lunch.
Now that I am a mother, this little quirk doesn’t matter so much.

Although saying that, my husband knows to NOT ever combine the two by only buying ONE present!
Clever man.  Grasshopper has learnt well.

The two present rule I won’t ever budge on. I’m not greedy for presents; I just want the two occasions to be noted-separately.

I have that rule for my two youngest birthdays as well. They fall close to Christmas.  December will always be about their birthdays first, Christmas second.

This year was going to be a contentious one. I moved from Adelaide to Perth late last year and had all but dismissed my birthday and Mother’s Day. We have no family here and I had left behind my eldest. The last thought in my mind was celebrating anything.

All of this changed three weeks ago when my eldest decided that he would give Perth a go.


My train of thought completely did a 180 flip-think circa 1980 skate park flip. Nothing could stop me now, the axis was right again.

Sooooooo I have now organised a party, albeit child friendly, but a party none the less. I might even sport a hangover for Mother’s Day. A day where I can selfishly do nothing if I want to.

Mother’s Day- a day that can be yours to embrace.
Revel in the handmade cards and presents from your children.
Let crumbs fall over the sheets from the clumsy breakfast in bed.
Saviour the sweet hugs and kisses.
Being a Mummy has to be one of the best jobs in the world. When your heart is full to burst, nothing else matters.

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