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Friday, 11 May 2012

On the cusp.......

On the cusp.....of, Greatness? Boredom? Reality? A star sign?

IF only! No siree,I am in fact on the cusp of 40.... 364 days until D day is here. Milestone birthday's are always a big thing right? Id be happy if only the last decade hadn't seemed to escaped my memory. I am not at the stage of where did I leave my car, or god forbid my children, but ten years have almost passed and I am not sure I remember where I put them.

I'll tell you what is loud and clear,  the grey hair yelling at me every 6 weeks. I have been told to embrace it. Hello? what is there to embrace? Its not cute and endearing. It is a blatant reminder of which side of life I am on. I wonder though, when do you stop? How long can you get away with dying your hair? Being 70 and grey less isn't a good look either... It is middle ground, or should I say, MID LIFE!

Crisis? Mid life.Not yet. I am going to embrace the next year, and hit the ground running when the big 40 clock ticks over.

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