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Monday, 30 April 2012

The F Context...

Those moments where the F bomb is inevitably dropped....actually a few minutes ago counted as a moment when my  four year old decided to knock and spill a drink onto the laptop...never mind I shouldn't have had a drink near it.

This relates to the said four year old dropping his own F bomb the other Context. I have to admit, its never nice hearing a child swear, but if anything if its in context, you can at least laugh about it....on the side. Im still not sure what he has against Winter,but the mention of it was enough to broadcast that F bomb loud and clear!

I was sitting outside the other day watching my children play, it was a perfect Autumn day, sunny with a slight breeze.. when suddenly my four year old asked me what season came after Autumn. I replied Winter with out a care until out of his mouth came "oh F*$%" I asked him straight away what he said, with which he replied. I don't like Winter, its too cold. I have had a rule since number one came along, swear and soap will hit your tongue enough to taste it. So I had no choice but to drag him into the bathroom and dose him up. For the people that might be appalled by this course of action, its literally a dab...not enough to start foaming and acting all Cugo like.


I was secretly impressed with his sharp answer, there wasn't a stammer in sight. Quick thinking little ^&%$

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  1. Not having any children of my own I can't quite relate, but it none-the-less disturbs me when hear children in particular swear... There's something not right about it and unfortunately it says something about the society they must grown up...

    Perhaps the same 'wash your mouth with soap' rule should apply to anyone, young OR old, you swears... though somehow I don't think that will happen... :(


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