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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Go forth and conquer or lag behind for reasons unknown...

I used to listen intently to my nanny telling me about how she used a "Copper" to wash her clothes. When I was little, this was interesting. As I got older and started washing of my own I realised how lucky we were. Sure the stories were great, but oh my goodness if I ever had to actually use one! Which brings me to my point. I was browsing an online appliance site, as you do when you don't actually need anything new, and came across a Twin Tub.

huh? Companies still make these? And then people buy them? What in the name of god for???

We have machines that do it allllllllll, heck there are even washer/dryer combo's meaning you don't need walk back into the Laundry until its finished/folded/put away! Ok I dream about the latter, but honestly why would you buy a machine that takes you back to the old Copper ways? Fill machine-wash-man handle-fill-rinse-man handle-spin-man handle (in batches)

I have one memory of a twin tub. My mother got given one on loan when her machine broke down. I do not remember a joyous woman softly singing away whilst waiting for the first cycle to finish... nuh uh. I remember water spilling, cursing, wringing of clothes, clothes going missing and alot of time spent in the laundry! The laundry was next to the cellar, now I understand why....

So I ask you, why are companies still making them for us to buy? Hello technology, we have MOVED on!

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