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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

All good thing come to those who wait....

Damn straight, like a ruler!

It took me forever to write about my big boy staying behind, and in reality it shouldn't be taking me this long to jump for the clouds in utter joy.

I made a mercy trip to Adelaide a few weeks ago. You can read about my return flight here….Flight home

I knew something wasn't right. I mean nothing was totally wrong, but it wasn't right either.
I flew and I was like a kid in a candy store by the time I picked him up. I had 48 hours of just me and him.

No interruptions.

Just me and him.
It had been a while since it was just us.

I was prepared for the teenage defence. He is 15 after all.
Nuh huh…. Barriers were down, and the flood gates open! 

We talked. I don’t mean we talked, we talk every day on the phone about stuff. I mean we REALLY talked. We talked about the situation in a pure openness that as a Mother you can only hope of. You want your children to trust you enough to talk. I had treated him like an adult and in turn got an adult conversation.

He told me his fears, I told him mine. We both cried blubbered and got snotty.
It was extremely hard leaving- with the issue unresolved. I asked him to do one thing. Think.

And by George that kid thought. It was a long week –he then delivered the words that mended my heart instantly.
“Mum, I will move to Perth.”

Of course I squealed, I'm surprised the whole neighbourhood didn't hear me. I think he thought at that moment I was totally batty. Or more batty than I had previously been. I couldn't help but repeat several times,

              “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”                                             “ARE.YOU.SERIOUS?”


My baby is coming home.
My world was right again- Full circle right!

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