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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tights and undies on the outside...........

Do you have some one you'd happily pull out all stops to help? Go to the ends of the earth for? Ok maybe not travel quite that far,but you get my drift. I'm not talking about a partner or family,that's a no brainer in most instances. I'm talking about a friend, a bestie, a BFF!

I consider myself lucky, I have more than one who I would have no hesitation in helping if they called upon me. I wouldn't care how big or small the problem, they only need call and I would be there in a flash, in fact I could give a superhero a run for their money in speediness stakes.

Having a friend who is not happy is not on my list off things to just watch and let go. So capes and tights go on! Okk maybe not tights with the undies on the outside look, but I'd happily don a cape and a glittery mask!

Listening with out judgement, crying with them, laughing with them, having copious amounts of tissues on hand.

Life long friendships are not always flowery and fun. The hard yards crop up every now and then and its in those moments you realise who you would save in an instant if given the chance.....

Do you have a friend you'd save without hesitation?


  1. I imagine that you are that type of friend Amy. I have a dear friend that I would do anything for, sometimes I feel that she has been there for me more that I have for her. These friends are special, friends that you don't even get cranky with, life friends who are always there, through think and thin, they know all your flaws and love you any way.

  2. Louisa,when you have friends like that,scoring points for favours doesnt matter :) You do it, because you do it. She would appreciate you regardless.


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