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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Going against the trend

This picture has been floating around facebook. I am going to go against the trend and disagree to a point. Crazy,just plain silly of me? Yes and yes!
I admit I like crocs, ok so I dont own a pair at the moment, But I used to. They are THE best comfort shoe to ever be invented. My children live in them, I think between them they have about 6 pairs. My youngest especially loves his crocs, and takes wearing them to a whole new level. 95% of the time  they are on the wrong feet-Now tell me another shoe you can comfortably wear on the wrong feet??!!! You can't,because crocs are the ultimate squishy rubbery mould to your feet kinda shoe.

What other shoe can you take a morning walk by the beach type shoe to tackling the over grown jasmine in the garden without once taking them off......and if you get the annoying bits of sand or dirt in them, never fear you just hose those babies out!

Ok so they might not look great in an adult size,kind of like wearing a tyre on your foot, but as a kids shoe,super cute! I would be happy to say what a nice looking pair of crocs you have on....bucking the trend on ugliness!!

Rejoice and embrace a great invention,and if you really want praise for your selection, grab an accessory to bling those babies into NOW!

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