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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Imagine there was no TV

I think we are moving on to another phase.....I did a daring thing today. I un subscribed from the Wiggles! To be honest it felt quite liberating. No more hot potato in this house,and no emails to remind me of it either.

My youngest boys had a lovely day, the tv was off (sooooooooo quiet) and they put their heads together and made up a game. I sat back quietly listening. I didn't want to interrupt for fear they would stop. I spied on them and watched them being transported to another place.

For a good 20 mins they were magicians performing a magic show!! Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls...taking turns being the Magician and being in the audience. Clapping and supportive of each other.

 It was very professional indeed! Who ever said you need a big audience to make someone listen.....?

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