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Monday, 25 February 2013

Yum on a budget...tuna and rice are very nice!

I'll admit I love good food but you don't need to spend a lot or think a Michelin star restaurant needs to satisfy.

A can of tuna and left over boiled rice can produce a yummy hearty dish!

So I had a craving for fish cakes,but didn't have any fish on hand. Tuna is a good alternative and cheap. I don't know about you, But I always have a tin of tuna in the pantry. I had some left over rice in the fridge also which happens to make THE best fried rice. In fact day old rice is the only way to cook fried rice IMO. It is slightly dry so its impossible to glug it up.

Tuna Cakes. Serves 2-4 depending on how big you make them
185g tin. I use Sirena Tuna -Use a bigger tin if serving more.
4 Potatoes. I've been buying Carisma Potatoe they mash well and are low GI
1-2 tablespoons of Rice flour-more if you think the mix is too wet. You can use plain flour or Corn flour also. I prefer rice as it doesnt leave a floury taste.
Extra rice flour for dusting once rolled
1 Egg
Seasoning- this is up to you and what flavours you prefer. Last night I used ginger,mint,coriander,white pepper and salt
Dill,parsley or sage would work too.

Fist things first, get your spuds on to boil-Cook well,drain and mash. I dont add anything to the mash. 
Add the mashed spuds to the rest of the ingredients making sure you have broken up the tuna well.
Mix and adjust flour depending on mix. You dont want them too dry.

Roll between two large dessert spoons into balls and then dust in flour. You can crumb them if your prefer. I prefer without crumbs.

Heat some olive oil or grapeseed oil in a pan and gently cook either side.Flatten slightly once in the pan. They wont need long!

I served this with a variety of veg stirred through some left over rice..adding the usual lime,dash of tom sauce and light soy.

A salad would also be a good accompaniment 


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