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Monday, 30 January 2012

Kindergarten politics......

When my eldest started kindy I had recently separated from my husband. It was a difficult transition for all of us and lot of changes had been made.  I then decided in all my wisdom to join the kindy committee. Simple request one would imagine....Yes you would think so...but the old adage of women together in one room vying for speaking rights soon turned the simple weekly meetings into a tussle for power. My friend and I used the meetings to share a bottle of wine and natter. Occasionally we would throw in a tid bit about how the kindy should run, or sneak in a yes to an informal vote about what ever they were going on about. I know the committee benefited the running of the kindy, so yes was the easiest approach to most topics. Plus id seen the balance sheets, no one was going to make millions even if there were dodgy deals to be done.

During the time on the committee it was decided we would hold a big fundraising raffle....Easy! donated prizes, tickets sold,profit our way....what could possibly go wrong....

She who had bad taste is what went wrong. I love handmade items,and support handmade. i do not how ever support bad taste. Bad taste lover was also a quilter. Each to their own as long as it stays their own. No...not to be, bad taste lover wanted HER quilt to be the main raffle prize! PPPPppaaaaalllllleeeeasseeee....we want to sell raffle tickets,not put people off buying tickets. Dont get me wrong, to some it might have been a beautiful quilt....but knowing the dynamics of our target audience, if won it would soon be donated or end up as a dog bed. what a waste..surely bad taste lover could keep it,after all the hard work put into it!!

Dynamics changed, it was soon very clear who would side with bad taste lover and that quilt....  she was showing a side that hadn't been seen before...snarly lip side,which teamed with her left over pleated jeans from the 80's made her look like a scary meadow lea ad, except no one was suggesting we congratulate her.

I decided then that school committees and a bottle of plonk with a friend couldnt be shared equally....something had to give.....

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